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Rules for Camp

  1. Campers and visitors are required to respect the camp rules, dress code and schedule (be on time and in the right place).
  2. All clothing must be modest and appropriate to the Christian environment (including swimwear at the pool). There will be no sleeveless shirts or open midriffs. All clothing must be knee length or longer. Tight fitting clothing is not allowed. Leggings/yoga pants are not acceptable unless a loose-fitting top is also worn of mid-thigh or longer length. Visitors to the camp are also expected to wear clothing in harmony with the camp dress code.
  3. All campers will attend the Bible classes, devotionals, chapel services, evening worship and all other activities unless excused by the camp nurse or director.
  4. All campers must be in their own quarters after lights out.
  5. Campers, staff, parents and guests must leave pets at home.
  6. Offensive language has no place at camp. No put-downs or gossip.
  7. Thou shalt not run on gravels or thou will have skinned knees.
  8. Absolutely no use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products (including vaping) is allowed by campers, staff or visitors. TCC is a tobacco free campus.
  9. The destruction of property or wildlife will not be permitted. Writing on bunks, tables, or other camp property is not allowed.
  10. All hikers will be in groups under responsible leaders.
  11. DVD players, televisions, multi-outlet plug strips or refrigerators will NOT be allowed for campers. Cell phones are welcome for emergency use only or when approved by the camp director.
  12. No one is permitted to leave the camp without permission from the camp director.
  13. No guns, hatchets or long knives are allowed.
  14. The directors reserve the right to send any person home if, in their judgment, such action will improve the camp. Under such circumstances, no refund will be made. The camper will be suspended for the remainder of that year's camping season. Under severe circumstances, future participation in TCC activities will be determined by the board.
  15. The camp directors must be informed of every situation that might affect the welfare of the camping session.
  16. Cameras / camera phones are not allowed at the pool.

Special Note

DVD players, televisions, multi-outlet plug strips, and refrigerators will NOT be allowed for campers.

Expectations for Parents and Visitors to Camp

  • All visitors are to refrain from the use of tobacco products on the camp property.
  • From time to time we have some difficulty with parents wanting to visit their children a bit too often. While we want parents to be involved, sometimes these visits tend to cause homesickness, especially for the younger campers. Visitors are requested to limit the number of visits to campers.
  • In order to help us maintain a proper Christian atmosphere, all visitors to the camp are expected to wear clothing in harmony with our camp dress code.