Roles and Responsibilities of the Canteen Operator

1. The Director will choose a staff member to be in charge of the canteen for each week.

2. This person should be efficient and dependable in opening and closing the canteen promptly.

3. The nurse should have some input as to when the canteen is open. The director will give you the times to be open.

4. The canteen operator should get some other responsible staff members to assist him or her.

5. Upon arrival at camp, obtain a canteen key and at the earliest convenience check canteen inventories. Ensure that an adequate number of each type of drink is cooling in the refrigerator.

6. Serve the campers quickly and efficiently. Don't get in the canteen and get busy talking and make the campers stand in line a long time.

7. Prior to each close, again check refrigerator inventories and restock as needed. Ensure that all candy and other items are properly stored. Make sure the canteen is locked when you leave.

8. Campers are not to be allowed in the canteen, only staff members.

9. The canteen should be CLEAN and all trash should be discarded in the garbage cans.

10. Notify the camp director at any time stocks of popular items need to be replenished.

11. The canteen operator should not allow any money to leave the canteen without the approval of the camp director. He/she should get a receipt for every dollar that is taken out of the canteen fund for miscellaneous expenses.