Roles and Responsibilities of the Nurse

1. The camp nurse should be a licensed Registered Nurse (R. N.) or Licensed Practical Nurse (L. P. N.) when at all possible.

2. The camp nurse should be familiar with “camp-related” medical problems.

3. The nurse should collect ALL medicines and parental instructions at check-in. The instructions should be written down on the registration form or a check-in form.

4. The nurse should dispense the medication on schedule.

5. The nurse should treat minor injuries and make decisions as to whether additional treatment is needed at the hospital. The camp nurse is not expected to treat any major injury or sickness. The camp nurse should use her/his own professional expertise to determine and advise the camp director on which cases are in need of further medical assistance.

6. A record of all medication and first aid treatment must be maintained in the nurse’s quarters.

7. Basic medical supplies are provided, however, if the supplies are running short the camp nurse should advise the camp director so they can be restocked.

8. Medication such as aspirins, mild antihistamines, antacid, laxatives, etc. may be given when necessary.

9. Emotional health as well as physical health should be promoted by the camp nurse. S/he should be sensitive to the camper’s feelings and needs. Sometimes a camper will confide in the camp nurse and not counselors and teachers.

10. In the event a camper must be taken to the hospital, the camp nurse and camp director will make a decision as to whether it is best for the camp nurse to stay at camp or accompany the director and child to the hospital. Unless it is an urgent emergency or parents prefer a certain hospital, campers are taken to Children’s Hospital in the Fort Sanders community.