Roles and Responsibilities of the Athletic Director

1. The Athletic Director should plan the sports activities for the week.

2. Sign-up sheets for the competitions should be made available early in the week.

3. Competition should be well organized and fair.

4. Attention should be given to Christian attitudes and good sportsmanship rather than simply the winning or losing of an event.

5. Group or cabin activities are also possibilities for competitions.

6. The Athletic Director is responsible for preparing ribbons for the events. Help should be recruited from available staff.

7. All inappropriate behavior during sporting events should be dealt with quickly and in a Christian manner. The camp director or assistant should be immediately notified in the event of fighting or endangerment to the campers.

8. Injuries should be addressed by the camp nurse as soon as possible. For some events, such as activities in the field, the nurse might need to be present for the activity.