Roles and Responsibilities of Counselors

1. The counselor is an extremely important role at camp. The counselor is responsible for the campers assigned to their cabin. The counselor should get to know the campers very well during the week.

2. Counselors at TCC are legally responsible for their campers' safety and welfare. For this reason, Junior week counselors must be at least 18 years old, or have completed the 11th grade. For Junior High and Senior weeks, counselors must be at least 20 years old.

3. The counselor should be present no later than at the beginning of registration on Sunday afternoon to meet with parents and receive any special instruction. The camper should be welcomed and made to feel comfortable and accepted by everyone in the cabin.

4. The counselor should check the duty roster and make sure that the campers perform their assigned duties. The counselor should not have to be reminded when it is their cabin's turn to set up for meals, clean the bathhouse, or cleanup after the meal.

5. Counselors for Junior weeks should manage a “camp bank” to keep up with the money of the campers.

6. The counselor should convey the rules of the camp to the campers and enforce them. It is much less embarrassing to a child to be asked to change clothes before the child leaves the cabin in the morning if their dress does not meet the camp dress code.

7. Counselors should plan for a nightly devotional and/ or discussion period each night of camp. This time can be the most valuable time for the young people.

8. The cabins should be cleaned each morning before going to the first Bible class. The counselor must lead and supervise in this cleaning with a cheerful attitude. Counselors are not to do the campers' jobs. Each camper should be responsible for their own bunk, possessions, and area of the cabin.

9. Unless the counselor has been assigned other duties, he/she is expected to be in morning Bible classes.

10. Counselors should know where each of their campers are at all times. Be sure all your campers are accounted for during classes, devotionals, meal times, and all other activities.

11. After lights out, counselors should be in their cabins with their campers. Late night pranks or excursions should not take place. Campers should not be unsupervised at any time.

12. Counselors are expected to correct and instruct campers who are behaving in a manner unbecoming of a Christian. They are further expected to report activities to the directors if further instruction or discipline is needed to correct the situation

13. If a counselor cannot control the behavior of a camper, he/she is to report this to the Dean of Women, Dean of Men, or a Director so appropriate action can be taken.

14. Keep in mind at all times that the goal of your work is to help each young person be more like Christ, to help them grow spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically.

15. Direct campers in final clean-up of the cabin. After all of your campers have gone, assist in cleaning the camp so that it will be ready for the next group. After release from the directors, return your key.

16. Remember that you are the primary person in relation to the camper and the overall success of the camp. There is no position more influential with the young people than the counselor. Your guidance, example, and teaching will have a strong effect upon these young people.