Roles and Responsibilities of the Dean of Women

1. This person should be a mature Christian woman who has leadership ability. She will be in charge of matters that concern the girls as a group.

2. Any female counselors who have problems which they cannot handle can seek the help of the Dean of Women.

3. The Dean of Women can help with the cabin inspection or assign another staff member to help.

4. The Dean of Women is to make sure that the girls abide by the camp rules.

5. The Dean of Women should be available for counseling with campers as the need arises.

6. The Dean of Women should help to organize evening group activities with the Director and Assistant Director.

7. The Dean of Women should plan at least one group devotional for the girls.

8. On Sunday night the Dean of Women should explain "personal hygiene" responsibilities of each girl. She can also explain work details for the girls.