Roles and Responsibilities of the Dean of Men

1. The Dean of Men’s role may be assumed by the Assistant Director or may be a position in addition to the Directors.

2. The Dean of Men is responsible to the Camp Directors. He is concerned for the welfare of campers and staff, specifically the male campers and staff, for the week of camp to which they are assigned. The Dean of Men must be selected and approved by the Directors of the week and must reflect the goals of the camp, directors, and camp board.

The Dean of Men will…

•     Aid in the recruitment of staff members to fully cover the assigned week of camp.

•     Encourage all male staff members meet a high standard of character, maturity, morality and Bible knowledge / spiritual development and are members of the Church of Christ and that each staff member is supported for the assigned role by the local congregation eldership where she/he is a member.

•     Aid in insuring safety during boys swim.

•     Communicate in a timely fashion with all male staff and campers what is expected of their conduct and male staff responsibilities. Be acquainted withal camp rules, policies and expectations.

•     Keep track of male campers and staff location and who picks up campers from camp during the week. Make sure all accidents, injuries, and discipline problems are handled in a Christian manner and reported to the directors.

•     Help Directors complete check-in sheets, collect fees owed at registration, collect appropriate paperwork from walk-in campers registering, and prepare requested reports at the end of the week.

•     Administer the camp discipline policy. Consistent application of policy across all weeks of camps is expected.

•     Oversee all conduct and activities of campers and the staff and provide guidance and instruction.

•     Help enforce rules and regulations of the State of Tennessee pertaining to the camp. Some of these include:

a)    No cabin shall have more than nine occupants including the counselor/staff member.

b)    Health department regulations will be followed in the kitchen and mess hall related to required cleanliness; food storage, preparation, handling and service; dishwashing procedures; and general sanitation.

•     Be prepared to accompany any injured camper to the hospital if deemed necessary by the camp director.

•     Ensure the camp is clean and in good condition and that keys (or other camp property) are returned before departure of your staff. Cabins and other facilities must be clean and all garbage removed.

•     Help with pre-camp and post camp meetings

•     Help with assigned camper activities

•     Evaluate camp needs and repairs for directors

•     Monitor all campers during free time

•     Be willing and flexible and open to tasks that need doing

•     Help keep camp clean and secure

•     Have the ability to observe others actions

•     Have the physical ability to move about the camp properly in various conditions

•     Work with all staff to create a sense of Christian community for campers

•     Be versatile!