Roles and Responsibilities of the Director and Assistant Director

1. The director must be selected and approved by the TCC Board of Directors.

2. The director recruits the staff, including the cooks and assistant director. The staff selection must begin early in the year. Many directors begin recruiting staff members over a year before a camp session. He may elect to establish a Dean of Men and a Dean of Women if he desires for his week.

3. The director must investigate the staff to be fully confident in their character and background. Each member of the staff must fill out a Staff Information Form. Unfortunately, child molestation, and other deviant activities are concerns wherever young people are found. Nothing could hurt the camp more than a staff member lacking maturity, morality, or sound Biblical knowledge being allowed to have such influence upon our young people. Choose the staff very wisely after much prayer, study and consultation with other Christians.

4. Although the lifeguards are generally hired for the entire season, each director must make arrangements in advance of the week to schedule lifeguard coverage for any planned swim times for his week.

S. The director and his assistant are ultimately responsible for everything which occurs during his week at camp. He should use great discernment in the selection of staff, Bible classes, schedule, and activities. Chapel speakers should be given time to prepare thoughtful, helpful lessons.

6. Pictures are generally made at 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. Please help the photographer assemble the campers and staff.

7. Complete the check-in sheets and add any new campers during registration. All this information is needed early in the week for the camp directory.

8. The director or assistant should administer the discipline policy of the camp.

9. The director and his assistant should oversee the activities of the staff and provide guidance and instruction. Inconsistencies between the directors of the six weeks in the enforcement of rules and expectations of the campers can cause confusion and frustration with campers and staff. Do not dismiss the rules of TCC or greatly alter the expectations of acceptable behavior.

10. The director must enforce rules and regulations of the state. Inspectors from the state of Tennessee may make multiple inspections during camp season. These state requirements include:

a) No cabin may have more than nine occupants.

b) No camper is allowed in the pool without the oversight of a certified lifeguard. Lifeguard certificates must be available for inspection.

c) Cleanliness must be maintained in the kitchen and mess hall.

d) Follow posted instructions for dishwashing.

e) Food must be maintained stored off the floor, or refrigerated if required. Food requiring refrigeration must not be allowed to set out for extended periods, such as for a salad bar, unless cooled with ice.

f) Food handlers must wash their hands and use plastic gloves when serving food.

g) The pH level of the pool should be maintained in the ''normal" range as indicated by test strips. In addition the rope must be in place, and the clarity of the water must be maintained to allow visual inspection of the bottom of the pool. There should not be debris, such as leaves and dirt, at the bottom of the pool.

11. The director should insure the worship service is appropriate and well planned. For the sake of unity, and to avoid offense, politely enforce the absence of clapping for the worship period, and any devotionals or spiritual singing. Since some congregations use clapping, as soon as reasonable, explain that at camp, clapping is not used during worship as a matter of policy.

12. The director must oversee both the conduct of campers and staff. Many young people are strongly influenced by the conduct of the staff. The staff should obey the rules of camp and not ignore, or intimidate any camper. The director has the right to send any camper, or staff member, home if this action improves the atmosphere of the camp.

13. Keep accurate records of names and numbers of campers, responses, baptisms, accidents and injuries, awards, and discipline problems. Submit this information to the President of the TCC Board. The director or assistant director should accompany any camper to the emergency room in the event of a serious accident or illness. Complete the insurance paperwork and return a copy to the Nurses cabin.

14. Be sure the camp is clean and in good condition prior to the departure of your staff. All garbage should be removed and cabins should be clean.