All staff are volunteers at Teenage Christian Camp with the exception of cooks and lifeguards. Volunteer staff members include:

Staff Expectations

General Policies and Expectations for the Staff of TCC

1. Staff members are required to be faithful members of the church of Christ.

2. Every member of the staff is responsible for the safety and welfare of the campers. We are at camp for the campers and need to focus on them.

3. Every staff member should take direction from the camp director. Please keep the director aware of any problems which might negatively affect the operation of the camp.

4. Staff members are to conduct themselves as appropriate examples of faithful Christian living. They should be careful not to disrupt classes or activities. Humiliation or physical intimidation must not be used as a means of discipline or motivation for campers or other staff members.

5. Staff members are expected to help in other areas as the need arises. Cooperation and support among the staff is vital for the successful operation of the camp.

6. Staff members should not excuse themselves from assignments or find substitutes for their duties without the consent of the director.

All staff members age 18 and older are required to complete an annual background check and child protection training not less than 10 days prior to the camp week you are expecting to work. Directors will need for each staff member to provide an active, valid email address to submit to TCC to generate your unique link to the background check system.

In addition, staff members are required to complete/sign the following forms. Click on the form name below to download the pdf version.

Again, all staff must complete the background check and turn in these completed forms annually.